The first thing you do if you receive a computer would be to install an antivirus. Computer technology is getting more advanced and so are the viruses that may threaten all your data and data. Ensuring that your computer is protected from hackers and viruses will secure all your documents, your hard work, along with other information.

The advantages of installing an antivirus:

- protection against viruses made by cybercriminals.
- protection against hackers and identity theft.
- Protection from spammers.
- Extends the lifespan of your PC.
- Gives the opportunity to renew any corrupt data.

There are really no alternatives for you to prevent a virus to enter pc and you don't need to be more computer-savvy to use them. All you have to do is download the program and install them afterwards. You can find more details about get into pc on the site

Here is a listing of antivirus Which You Can purchase for free online:

- Avast
- Malware
- Bitdefender
- AVG antivirus
- Kasperky
- Avira
- Adaware
- Sophos
- Comodo

There's so much at stake should you forgo installing an antivirus software. You could lose the only copy of some important work files and this can put a serious setback on your own career. If you are a student, you can even shed that thesis you've been working for weeks. Hackers and cybercriminals may also have the ability to work on your personal computer from afar and get access to your credit card information when you shop online. The dangers these days are just too huge to leave your computer and data vulnerable.

As technology becomes more secured and complex, so does the virus being created. Regardless of which antivirus you set up, make sure that you check for updates or newer versions available. These upgrades are important since they feature the latest security measures which can battle out the most recent types of viruses.